Cost of living crisis

As the rising cost of living continues to affect households, you might be worried about making ends meet. We want to help you at this difficult time.

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Please also see further financial wellbeing help and support:

Financial Wellbeing

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Watch out for fraud

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the most vulnerable during the cost of living crisis. They can send emails and texts or phone you pretending to be from the local council, HMRC, financial planners to name just a few. To protect yourself from these threats please be careful with any communications. Emails may have attachments that contain malware. Texts may include links asking for personal and financial info. Fraudsters may phone you pretending to be from genuine firms and ask you for confidential data, including your bank account details.

We will never send you a text or email with a link asking for your full 365 PIN or your one-time passcodes. And, we will never ask you to move money to a ‘safe account’. Please check our Security and Fraud section for more advice.