3rd Level Student

Our 3rd level student package is available to undergraduate and postgraduate students and is full of great products to help you get exactly what you want from life.

Whether it’s instant access to cash at home or something bigger that you want, we could help you get it now.


Free for day-to-day banking transactions¹

  • As long as you are a full-time student at school, you pay absolutely nothing for your day-to-day banking transactions

Debit card

  • With a debit card, you can shop and pay for your purchases directly from your account, and it also saves you carrying cash around. It’s quick, easy and a better way to pay. Find out more
  • Charges will apply when you use your card outside the UK. Please see our Student Account Charges Explained brochure for details

    Interest while your account is in credit

    • To make sure that the money in your account is working for you we will pay interest on it when you’re in credit.
    • You can get up-to-date information on interest rates here

    Text alerts

    • Text alerts help you stay in control of your money and help prevent fraud on your account. Find out more

    Interest-free and fee-free arranged overdrafts up to £3,000*

    • Just need a little something to tide you over?  Apply for an arranged overdraft on your 3rd level student account while you wait for your next student loan payment to come through and, if this is approved, you won’t have to pay interest and fees
    • Interest will apply if you go over your arranged overdraft limit or if you haven’t had an overdraft approved
    • For more information and before you apply, please see our Student Account Charges Explained brochure, our Personal Current Account Overdraft Factsheet and read our Student overdraft online application FAQs

    Apply for an overdraft


    1Refers to money coming in to or out of the account for as long as the holder is a full-time student. No monthly transaction fees are applied by the bank for lodgements or withdrawals from the account. Charges may apply for extra services, for example replacing a Bank of Ireland UK Cash Card or bank drafts. Please see our Schedule of service charges for personal customers brochure for details.*Our lending conditions apply to overdraft facilities. Applicants must be over 18 years.