Business Loans

Term Loan

A Term Loan is a way to finance items of capital expenditure that your business may need. It can be used in conjunction with other lending products such as an overdraft, or as a stand-alone source of finance for a diverse range of business purposes including acquisitions, working capital, business expansion or property investment.

A Term Loan will provide you with more structured longer term finance over an agreed term which will depend on the life span of the asset being financed. Rates are variable and will fluctuate in line with market interest rates. Fixed rate loans are also available to which specific terms and conditions will apply.

Flexible repayment options allow you to structure your repayments monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually by prior agreement. Lending criteria terms and conditions apply.

See our Unsecured Business Lending section for information on Unsecured Business Loans up to £25,000.

Please note:

  • You are not required to open or maintain a business current account with Bank of Ireland UK in order to obtain or manage a business loan or a business deposit account.
  • You are able to switch your Business Current Account to another provider while retaining your business loan with Bank of Ireland UK.
  • You are able to use another provider to manage your business banking while retaining your business loan with Bank of Ireland UK.