Don't forget your spending money

0% commission on foreign currency and you don't even have to be a Bank of Ireland UK customer. We now offer 0% commission on all major currencies.

And, when you come home, we’ll also buy back any of your left over notes commission free.

Taking your debit card abroad

Your debit card also allows you to pay for goods and services worldwide wherever you see the Visa sign. It’s just like using your card in shops and ATMs at home and means that you don’t have to travel with large amounts of cash.

Charges will apply when you use your debit card outside the UK.

Charges for using your debit card abroad

When buying goods or services abroad with a debit card, a Non-sterling transaction fee of 2.75% of the transaction amount applies.

When withdrawing cash from cash machines outside the UK and some cash machines in Ireland (excluding Bank of Ireland cash machines), a Non-sterling cash fee of £1.50 applies in addition to the above Non-sterling transaction fee.

The cash machine will give you notice if you are to be charged any additional charges.

General advice

  • The exchange rate applicable for purchase and ATM withdrawals undertaken at non-Bank of Ireland ATMs outside the UK is the Visa Exchange Rate operating on the date the transaction is applied to your account. We recommend that you visit for more details of the specific rate applied.
  • If you are planning on travelling abroad you should always take more than one form of payment method, i.e. debit card, credit card, prepaid credit card, cash etc.
  • There may be a reduced daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals on debit cards in certain countries. Please call your branch for details.
Credit cards

A credit card gives you the flexibility and reassurance of having that something extra when you’re on holidays, in case of emergencies or just to pay for that chance of a lifetime opportunity.

Worldwide acceptance makes Mastercard credit cards very convenient. Visit the credit card area of our website and have a look at our full range of cards that offer, balance transfers and no annual fees.

Representative 19.9% APR variable