Graduate Account

Are you a recent graduate? Get a graduate current account from us that offers the same good-value banking that you enjoyed as a student, as well as all the benefits of a normal current account that will take care of all your banking needs.


  • Overdraft of up to £3,000, interest-free for two years with no set up or annual fee, if you meet our lending conditions (you will have to pay interest if you go overdrawn without our permission or if you go over your overdraft limit)
Years of full time 3rd level education (excluding post-graduation years) Interest free arranged overdraft limit arranged
3 years £1,500
4 years £2,000
5 years £3,000
You can also apply for limits higher than the above and you’ll get a special rate
  • A debit card which you can use to withdraw cash and pay for goods or services at home or abroad¹, (subject to our lending conditions)
  • Commission-free foreign currency
  • Same current account number as your existing student account (if you have one)

Find out more about what is available with this account by clicking the links below:


The following products are also available (subject to application and approval):

For full details please see our Graduate current account brochure.

¹ We do not charge for withdrawals at cash machines in the UK, however some providers may.  In such circumstances the machine will give you notice that you may be charged.