When it comes to working out your mortgage finances, we know there can be some tricky calculations. So, to help make things easier for you, we've created some handy mortgage calculators.

Convert to repayment - Link layer

Convert to repayment

If you want to change your interest only mortgage to a repayment mortgage, see what your monthly payment might be.
Change your rate - Link layer

Change your rate

If your interest rate is due to change, use our calculator to see how much your payment would be each month.
Change your term - Link layer

Change your term

If you’re looking to change your mortgage term, our calculator will show you what your new monthly payment would be.
Borrowing more - Link layer

Borrowing more

See what your new monthly mortgage payment could be, if you were to take out a further loan.
Loan to value - Link layer

Loan to value

Find out your loan to value (LTV) using your mortgage balance and the current estimated value of your property.
Making overpayments - Link layer

Making overpayments

Find out what would happen to your mortgage if you were to make a lump sum or regular overpayments.