Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

In 2017 the financial services regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), announced new rules and guidance that all firms, including Bank of Ireland, must adopt when handling PPI complaints. The FCA also implemented a deadline for making a mis-selling complaint of August 2019.

This page provides you with all the information you need to allow you to make a complaint about PPI.

  • What is PPI?

    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is designed to cover any monthly repayments on loan products if you are unable to do so through unemployment, accident, illness or death.

    Bank of Ireland no longer sells PPI, and hasn’t done so since 2010. However, in the past it was available to customers who had any of the following products:

    1. Credit Card with either Bank of Ireland or Post Office Money®
    2. Personal Loan with either Bank of Ireland, Northridge Finance or Post Office Money®
    3. Mortgage with Bank of Ireland
  • How to complain about PPI

    There are several ways that you can contact us if you wish to make a complaint about your PPI.

    If you have already made a complaint to us and have yet to receive our final decision, there is no need for you to do anything further until we contact you. We will investigate your complaint as soon as we can and then send you a letter to confirm the outcome of our investigation.

    If you have yet to complain, you can tell us about your complaint in the following ways:

    By our online form:

    Our Online Complaint Form is available for you to submit your PPI complaint to us. Once submitted, there is no need for you to do anything else until we contact you.

    Submitting your complaint this way takes approximately 20 minutes. Please include as much information as possible to help us with our investigation.

    By Email

    You can email us at One of our team will log your complaint and we will respond to you within the usual timescales.

    Please note that this address is not encrypted so we do not recommend that you send any personal documentation to this email address.

    By Post

    You can complain to us by post by sending us a letter or by completing the Financial Ombudsman Service questionnaire and sending it to us at the following address:

    Bank of Ireland
    PPI Complaints Team
    PO Box 3191
    BS1 9HY

    By Telephone

    Product Brand Telephone Number Opening Hours
    Post Office Money ® Credit Card 0345 607 6500 8am-8pm Monday-Friday
    9am-5pm Saturday
    Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays
    Post Office Money ® Personal Loan 0345 607 6500 8am-8pm Monday-Friday
    9am-5pm Saturday
    Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays
    Bank of Ireland Credit Card 0345 607 6500 8am-8pm Monday-Friday
    9am-5pm Saturday
    Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays
    Bank of Ireland Personal Loan 0345 7365 555 8am-Midnight
    7 days a week, including Bank Holidays
    Bank of Ireland Mortgage 0800 953 0025 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
    Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays
    Bristol & West Mortgage 0800 953 0025 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
    Closed Sunday and Bank Holidays

    In 2015, Bank of Ireland entered into a partnership with The AA. PPI has not been sold alongside any Personal Loans, Credit Cards and Mortgages offered by The AA® under this partnership.

  • Our complaints process

    Our complaints process

    When you contact us to make a complaint, we will follow certain steps to make sure that the decision we reach is the fairest one we can.

    • As soon as your PPI complaint is received, we will log it and record details of any 3rd party you have instructed to manage your complaint. If you are using a 3rd party, all correspondence will go to them;
    • We always try to resolve your complaint as soon as we possibly can. If, however, we cannot do this within 5 working days of your complaint being received, we will send you a letter to acknowledge your complaint;
    • We will gather all available information about your complaint and use this to make a decision about your complaint. Whilst we try to keep our investigation short and concise, we may need to contact you again to clarify certain details;
    • Once we have all the information we need, we will make a decision based on all of the information we have. Our investigation will happen in 2 stages:
    1. If you have yet to make a complaint about PPI mis-selling, we will assess whether your policy was suitable for you. If we do not believe it was suitable, we will calculate a refund and add interest where appropriate;
    2. This is only applicable where we have previously told you that your PPI policy was suitable for you. If this is the case, we will assess whether the rate of commission you paid on your PPI premiums was too high. If we believe it was, we will calculate a refund and add interest where appropriate.
    • Whatever the outcome of your complaint, we will fully explain the reasons for our decision and provide documentary evidence wherever possible. Should we uphold your complaint, if compensation is appropriate we will provide you with a full break down of how we have reached that figure and you will have the option to accept the offer or not.
    • If you are happy with our offer, your compensation will be paid either straight into your bank account or directly off any outstanding Bank or Ireland or Post Office credit card balance you may have.

    If you are unhappy with the way we have investigated your complaint you have the opportunity to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This is a free and impartial service that will review the complaint and how it has been handled and make a recommendation on the outcome. You can refer your complaint to them by writing to the following address:

    Financial Ombudsman Service
    South Quay Plaza,
    183 Marsh Wall,
    E14 9SR

    Alternatively, you can call them on 0300 123 9 123 or visit

  • FAQs

    We appreciate that making a complaint about PPI can seem complicated, so we have provided some information below to help you.

    What information should I provide with my complaint?

    Please provide as much information as you can when you submit your complaint. Specifically, if you can remember details about your circumstances at the time you took out your policy, this will help us to investigate your complaint.

    However, if you can’t remember you can still complain. If there is important information that we do need, we might need to contact you if we have a question

    A Claims Management Company has offered to handle my complaint for me. What should I do?

    We assess all complaints in the same way and apply exactly the same standards, regardless of whether you choose to employ a complaints management company, so there is no need to use one.

    Can I still complain even if my account is closed or I cancelled my PPI?

    Yes. We consider all complaints, even if your account or PPI is no longer active

    I don’t know if I had PPI, how can I find out?

    You can contact us using the above details and we will respond to you within 40 calendar days.

    Can I complain about the commission charged on my PPI policy?

    Following a ruling by the FCA, if you have previously complained to us about PPI mis-selling and that complaint was rejected, you may be eligible to complain about the level of commission that you paid on your PPI policy. You are eligible to complain if:

    1. Your account was in force on, or after, 6 April 2008; or
    2. You took out your PPI on, or after, 6 April 2007;

    If you do not meet these criteria, it is likely that you will not be eligible to complain.

    However, if you believe that you are eligible, you can make a complaint using the same channels outlined above.

    Further Information

    The Financial Conduct Authority has produced a leaflet entitled ‘PPI complaints end 29 August 2019 – What will you decide?’ to assist customers.

    Additional information from the FCA on how to claim for free can be found by visiting the FCA website.

    For information in relation to PPI from the Financial Ombudsman Service, please visit the Financial Ombudsman website.