Basic Cash Account

Basic Cash Account is available to customers who are over 16 years of age, who don't hold another UK current account, or don't qualify for our other current accounts. You can arrange for your wages or benefits to be paid directly into your account. You can also arrange to pay your regular bills by Direct Debit. This account is operated by cash card only, it doesn't offer an overdraft, a chequebook or a debit card.



Instant Cash with your Bank of Ireland UK cash card:

Your Basic Cash Account cash card gives you immediate and easy access to your money 24 hours a day. You can make cash withdrawals at any of our cash machines all over Ireland. You can also make cash withdrawals at other cash machines in the UK that display the LINK symbol (subject to having funds in your account).

On production of your Basic Cash Account cash card you can also make free cash withdrawals in pounds in Post Office branches throughout Northern Ireland and United Kingdom.


Banking with us:

Manage your account in a branch, online or on the phone by using our Digital & Phone Banking services.


Free Banking:

Enjoy transaction fee free banking with our Basic Cash Account. Charges may be applied for the provision of additional services or requests.  Full details are provided in our Schedule of service charges for personal customers.


Is this the right account for you?

If you already have a current account in the UK and do not want to switch to us, or if you would prefer an account with a debit card, a chequebook and an overdraft, then take a look at the other current accounts available from us.