Clear Account

The Clear Current Account has been developed to provide you with flexibility, service, reliability and the value you expect. How you manage your day-to-day banking is clearly up to you. You choose whatever option suits best and you aren’t committed to one particular route.



Free everyday banking

Enjoy transaction fee free banking with our Clear Current Account. With a Bank of Ireland UK Clear Current Account the following services are FREE of charge, no matter how many times you use them:

  • Paying in and withdrawing cash in branches
  • Making debit card payments in pounds – online, on the phone and in shops
  • Withdrawing cash in pounds from cash machines and Post Office branches in the UK1
  • Making a cash withdrawal in Euros from any Bank of Ireland cash machine in Ireland
  • Paying by standing order, direct debits or cheques
  • Sending and receiving money in pounds in the UK.

Mobile payments are now available: You can make quick, easy and contactless payments using your phone/ devices. Click here to find out more about Apple Pay and click here for Google Pay.

Find out more about what is available with this account by clicking the links below:

For full details please see our Clear current account brochure.


An overdraft allows you to borrow using your current account and is intended for short term borrowing. An arranged overdraft is an agreement allowing you to borrow money when you have no money left in your account.

If we allow you to borrow money when you have no money left in your account (or we allow you to go past your arranged overdraft limit) this will create an unarranged overdraft on your account. This will lead to interest or other charges. We may refuse to allow payments to be made from your account and this will also incur charges for each item we refuse to pay. Please see our unarranged overdraft section for full details.

Every time you apply for an overdraft, we will ask your permission to undertake a credit search. A record of the search will be kept by Credit Reference Agency (CRA). We will also share information about the running of the account such as limit and balances as well as payment performance and this could impact your ability to obtain credit elsewhere within a short period of time.

Before applying for an overdraft you can find out how likely you are to be approved by using our overdraft eligibility tool and you can use our overdraft cost calculator to work out how much overdraft interest you will pay.

For more information and how to apply go please go to our overdrafts section.

current account switch guarantee

1 We do not charge for making a cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK from cash machines, however some providers may. In such circumstances the machine will give you notice that you may be charged.