3rd Level Student

Our 3rd level student package is available to undergraduate students and is full of great products to help you get exactly what you want from life.

Whether it’s instant access to cash at home or something bigger that you want, we could help you get it now.

How to apply

If you have a Student 11-19 account and want to upgrade to a 3rd level student account you can do this online.

Upgrade Now

If you would like to open a new 3rd Level student account with us, we will need the following:

  • Completed application when submitted online or a completed and signed account application form (when applying on the phone)
  • Confirmation of your identity and permanent address. We may seek proof of your identity and address through electronic verification processes. If we cannot verify you electronically we will require you to provide us with:
    • Photographic identity documentation e.g. valid passport or current driving license*
    • Address verification documentation e.g. original bank/building society statement or gas/electricity bill no more than six months old*
    • 3 months’ recent bank statements from your existing bank (Non UK applicants only)

All documentation must be accepted by us. In addition you will need to have satisfied Anti Money Laundering legislative checks, which we will carry out, before we can open your account.

  • * Full list of acceptable documents can be found here

    We are required by law to formally check the identity and address of all our new customers. Two forms of identification are required, one from Box A plus one from Box B:

    Box A Box B
    Passport (current, valid and signed) UK/EU/EEA photocard full/provisional driving licence (photocard part) – When not used for Box A
    EU national identity card (photographic) UK full (old-style) driving licence (current non-photocard type) – When not used for Box A
    UK/EU/EEA photocard full driving licence (photocard part) (current and valid) HMRC/Revenue Commissioners correspondence, e.g. tax coding, etc. (dated within the last 13 months) (P60/P45 not acceptable) – When not used for Box A
    Provisional driving licence (photocard part) (current, valid and not more than 3 years old) Local authority correspondence (e.g. rates/council tax) (dated within the last 13 months)
    UK full (old-style) driving licence (current non-photocard type) Correspondence from DWP/benefits agency e.g. pension/allowance benefit (dated within the last 13 months) – When not used for Box A
    Electoral ID card (NI only) Utility bill/e-bill1(not mobile phone or dongle contracts) (dated within the last 6 months)
    UK biometric residency permit Bank/building society/credit card/Credit Union statement/e-statement1 (dated within the last 6 months)
    Translink Smart and Senior SmartPass for customers over 60 (NI only) Mortgage statement/e-statement1 (dated within the last 13 months)
    Correspondence from DWP/benefits agency e.g. pension/allowance benefit (dated within the last 13 months) Letter from solicitors confirming recent house purchase (dated within the last 3 months).
    Tax coding notice/assessment (dated within the last 13 months)
    UK disability Blue Badge with photo (current and valid)
    Home Office application registration card (current and valid)
    Home Office immigration status document accompanied by proof of right to reside
    1E-bills and e-statements can only be accepted where a passport, driving licence or EU ID card is provided as the Box A. All documents produced by customer must be originals.

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Switching is easy

With the free Current Account Switch Service you can switch your current account to us in in just 7 working days. It is a simple, reliable and hassle-free way which is backed by the Current Account Switch Guarantee. Plus you can apply for an interest free and fee-free arranged overdraft for a period of three months from the date you open your account, subject to our current lending conditions.

To complete your switching application make sure to have at hand:

  • Your existing bank account number and sort code
  • Your existing account debit card (if you have one)

current account switch guarantee


Apply online at a time and place convenient to you

By phone

Existing and new customers can call us Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00; closed Saturday and Sunday**

** For your security and to improve our service to you, we may record and monitor phone calls for training purposes.