When you need a financial cushion, an arranged overdraft could be an ideal way to handle those short-term changes in your cash flow.

Having an overdraft limit and staying within it will help you avoid paying unnecessary unarranged overdraft charges.

Your overdraft rate is as below:

Type of account Arranged overdraft interest rate¹
(when you stay within your agreed overdraft limit)
Clear 14.75% 15.79%
Arranged Overdraft limit up to £3,000
0% 0%
Arranged Overdraft limit over £3,000
7.75% 8.03%
Student Account 0% 0%

If you are an existing customer and need an arranged overdraft, you can apply by calling 0800 0850 444 or dropping in to your local branch. If you are opening a new account you can apply for your arranged overdraft together with your new account.

If your account goes overdrawn and you do not have an arranged overdraft or goes over the arranged overdraft limit, this will create an unarranged overdraft on your account. Please see our Unarranged Overdraft section for full details. Always discuss your borrowing needs before you go overdrawn or over an arranged overdraft limit.

All lending is subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Interest is charged monthly.

Before you apply, read our Personal Current Account Overdraft Factsheet:

Call us free on 0800 0850 444* or     Apply in branch

* For your security and to improve our service to you, we may record and monitor phone calls for training purposes.
¹ Debit Interest varies with Base Rate. On 3 August 2018 Bank of Ireland UK Base Rate was 0.75%.
² Equivalent Annual Rate (variable). The EAR is an illustrative interest rate calculated on the assumption that any overdraft interest charged is added to the overdraft balance at the time and then the next interest charge will be based on that slightly higher overdraft balance. This rate assumes that interest is charged monthly and compounded 12 times in a year.