Payment Transaction History

Bank of Ireland UK will provide a copy of up to 5 years of payment transaction history to both Personal Current Account (PCA) and Business Current Account (BCA) customers on or after account closure.

At closure customers closing a PCA/BCA account for which we have an email and mobile number will be able to access and download up to 5 years of transaction history, free of charge, unless they choose to opt out of this service.

The Bank’s policy is to provide this history electronically and account closing statements will include instructions as to how customers can access their payment transaction history. Customers will have 60 days from receipt of these instructions to access their data and download or otherwise save the information.

Former customers can also be provided with payment transaction history at any point in the 5 years following their PCA or BCA closure by contacting our Customer Services on either 0345 7365 333/ 0345 7365 555. The history we will provide to you in such circumstances will only cover transactions that occurred within 5 years prior to the date of the request.