Rates & fees

Northern Ireland Customers

Business current account rates

Credit interest is not payable on business current accounts unless otherwise agreed.

Business current account overdraft rates correct as at 20 March 2020.

% per annum
Authorised overdrafts 0.10 Plus agreed %margin1
Unauthorised overdraft (authorised overdraft exceeded) 12.002 plus authorised overdraft rate
Unauthorised overdraft (no overdraft in place) 26.102

See our Unsecured Business Lending section for further information on unsecured authorised overdrafts up to £25,000.

Interest on business current accounts is charged quarterly and compounded four times a year.

Bank of Ireland UK Base Rate 0.10% correct as at 20 March 2020.

Debit Interest varies with Base Rate

Overdrafts are payable on demand.

Full account conditions and details of when interest is charged are available from any Bank of Ireland UK branch or by contacting our Customer Services on 0345 6016 157.

1 The interest on authorised Business overdrafts is at a margin over Bank of Ireland UK Base Rate.  The margin will be agreed on an individual basis.
2 Unauthorised overdraft interest rates include an additional 1% per month surcharge interest, subject to a minimum charge of £2.00 per month. Surcharge interest will be charged to your account quarterly.