Rates & fees

Northern Ireland Customers

Business savings and deposits rates


All rates correct as at 20 October 2023.

Premium Business Reserve

£ Gross1/AER2 %
1+ 1.70/1.71
Less than 1 0.00
Interest is calculated daily on your closing balance and is paid half yearly, in March and September


Standard Fixed Term Deposit Accounts and Callable Fixture Deposit Accounts

If you have already taken advantage of our bespoke rate offering, please contact your local branch or Business Team to confirm your interest rate.

Full account conditions and details of when interest is paid are available from any Bank of Ireland branch or by contacting our Customer Services Dept on 0345 6016 157.
1 Gross rates are variable. Interest is paid gross without the deduction of tax.
2 AER stands for Annual Equivalent Rate and illustrates what the interest rate would be if the interest rate was paid and compounded once each year.