Mobile Banking

  • Forgot your 365 online user ID?

    A new self-serve SMS service has been created to enable our customers to request and receive their 365 online User ID by SMS short-code.

    Free text User to 50365 to get your 365 online User ID.

    To use this service you will need the following:

    • A personal current account1;
    • Be digitally active;
    • Have your mobile phone registered to receive security codes;
    • Your mobile number linked to one User ID.

    1This service is not currently available on Business Current Accounts.

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  • How many 365 online user profiles can be accessed on a single mobile/device?

    You can now access multiple 365 online profiles on your mobile phone/device. You have the option to login to another account/profile by clicking on the ‘Other Account Login’ link on the home screen. This link allows you to continue with a full secure logon using any of your User IDs.
    Please note: The mobile banking app will always use the first User ID you entered as your primary account. Using the Other Account Login feature will not change your mobile banking primary account. To change this, you will need to re-install the app.

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  • Does the app use the internet?

    Yes, a 3G or WiFi connection is required.

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  • What types of phones is the Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking App Available on?

    Currently this App is available for

    • Apple iPhone (OS versions 4.3 and above)
    • Android (OS version 2.1 and above) smartphones
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  • When will my money transfer be processed?

    Payments that are requested before the daily cut-off time will be processed that working day. Payments that are requested after the daily cut-off time Monday to Friday, or at any time on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday will be processed on the next working day.

    Cut-off time for Republic of Ireland is 3.30pm (GMT) and the cut-off time for United Kingdom is 4:30pm (GMT).

    Sending money within the UK will be quicker. When you send money within the UK before 4.30pm (GMT) on B365 the funds will be received by the recipient / payee before close of business on the same working day.

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  • Is my balance up to date?

    Your account balance is identical to the balance available through 365 online. This reflects the position at close of business on the previous working day, subject to any transactions that have not yet been applied to your account. This balance may be updated during the day as transactions (including recently lodged cheques being cleared) are presented but will not be confirmed until the next close of business. This balance does not include any overdraft facility available to you.

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  • What do I do if I lose my mobile phone?

    Firstly, you should always ensure that you lock your phone when it is not in use. As long as you have not shared your login details with anyone, nobody will be able to log into your account via your mobile phone. As an extra security measure you are automatically logged out of Mobile Banking after 5 minutes of inactivity. If you want to suspend your mobile banking service please Contact Us.

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  • How secure is Mobile Banking?

    Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking uses 128-bit encryption to code all information as it's exchanged. Even so you should maintain the following basic security processes:

    • Lock your phone or keypad
    • Don't share your login details with anyone
    • Never respond to texts that you haven't requested
    • Mobile Banking applications will only ever be made available via the Apple iTunes App Store and the Android Market
    • Always log out when you are finished using the service
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  • Is there any charge for Mobile Banking?

    You can download the apps without any additional charge from Bank of Ireland, however standard current account transaction fees and service charges may apply. Please see our Fees and Charges section for details. Please contact your network provider for details of any charges specific to your network.

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  • What is Pay to Mobile?

    Pay to Mobile enables you to send money within the UK to your family and friends, who bank with Bank of Ireland UK, using just a mobile phone number. It is a simple, secure and fast way of transferring money with no additional charge, other than standard current account charges.

    In order to use this service, you must complete a once-off registration on 365 Online to send and/or receive payments.

    You can send up to €100/£100 in a single transaction and up to €300/£300 per day. Beneficiary accounts can receive up to €600/£600 daily.The Pay to Mobile service is available to iPhone users (iOS versions 4.3 and above) and Android users (OS versions 2.1 and above).

    To register for Pay to Mobile, please visit www.365online.com

    To find out more information on the Pay to Mobile service, including more detailed FAQs, please visit www.bankofireland.com/paytomobile

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  • What accounts can I access via Mobile Banking?

    You can access the following Bank of Ireland UK accounts once they have been registered on 365 Online:

    • current accounts,
    • demand deposit accounts; and
    • regular savings accounts
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  • What services are available through Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking?

    Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking is designed to help you perform your banking in a way that is convenient to you. Mobile Banking currently allows you to:

    • View Account Balances on your Current, Demand Deposit, Term Loan and Credit Card accounts
    • View Transaction Histories on these accounts
    • Send money within the UK between your accounts
    • Send money within the UK to other payees
    • Pay your Bills
    • Pay to Mobile – send money to family and friends using only a mobile phone number (Customers must be registered for Pay to Mobile service)
    • Other Account Login – customers who have more than one Bank of Ireland UK account profile can now switch between their accounts on the login page
    • Search for Bank of Ireland UK Branches and ATMs in your area
    • Contact Bank of Ireland

    Please note: all Accounts, Payees and Bills must be already registered on your 365 online profile in order to access them and perform above services on the Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking App.

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  • How do I get started with Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking

    If you are already a 365 online customer all you need to do is download our App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play store (Android). You will then be able to log in with your 365 online login information. If you are not registered for 365 online, click here to get set up

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  • Do I need to register for Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking?

    No, Bank of Ireland Mobile Banking is available to Bank of Ireland UK customers who have registered for Bank of Ireland 365 online. You can access Mobile Banking using your existing 365 online login details. If you are not registered for 365 online you can do so here

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