Service Disruption – Customer Hub

  • What happened during the recent disruption to Bank of Ireland services?

    On 15 August our mobile app and digital banking services were unavailable to customers and they were unable to check their balance. Our priority was to ensure our customers continued to have access to cash and could transact on their cards. As a result, some customers may now be overdrawn. We are also aware that a number of payments were delayed.

    This fell below the standards of service expected of us and we’re sorry this happened. We’ve been working hard to put supports in place, including interest-free temporary overdrafts.

  • What did Bank of Ireland do in response?

    Our priority was to make sure that customers could continue to use their cards to withdraw cash and to buy what they needed in shops and online. The challenge in doing this during the service outage was that customers couldn’t check their balance. As a result, some customers may now find themselves overdrawn.

    Customers were able to use our mobile app and digital banking services as normal from 16 August.  We have been working hard since to support our customers who went overdrawn and to get the delayed payments made for customers as soon as possible.

  • What if I went overdrawn during the service disruption?

    During the outage, if you spent or withdrew more money than you had available and are now in an unarranged overdraft, we are here to support you.

    We are setting up an interest-free temporary overdraft on your account. The details of this, and how it works, are on the way to you.

  • What if I took cash out at an ATM during the service disruption and I am overdrawn as a result?

    If you still have the cash or some of it, you can lodge it at any Bank of Ireland branch, Post Offices or at a lodgement ATM, using your Bank of Ireland debit card. You can find lodgement ATMs inside our branches and lodgement ATMs outside some branches.

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  • What is an overdraft?

    An overdraft is a facility that you can agree with Bank of Ireland so that when your account balance reaches zero you can access a specific amount of additional money. You must apply for an overdraft and it must be for a specific amount. When your account balance reaches zero, you can use your overdraft. Any credits made to your account when you are overdrawn (for example, if you lodge money or get paid into your account) will reduce your overdraft.

    Due to our service disruption, you may have been able to access an unarranged overdraft without applying for it. This unarranged overdraft is what allowed you to spend more money than you had available in your account.

  • What are you doing about payments which were delayed?

    We are aware that some payments which were due to be processed were delayed as a result of the service disruption.  We have processed those payments and apologise for the delay

  • What support is Bank of Ireland offering customers impacted by the disruption?

    We encourage any customer affected by the outage to visit their local branch or contact us on 0345 736 5555 (open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-2pm) so that we can work together to find an appropriate solution. We are ready to help. You can find the opening hours of Bank of Ireland branches on our website.

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