Whatever your income, if you are spending less than you have in the bank, while setting aside some money for the future then you are enjoying financial wellbeing.

It sounds simple but, in reality, many of us struggle to manage our finances.

In this series, we offer guidance and information on how you can take control of your money and Find Financial Wellbeing.


Here’s some handy tips to help you find financial wellbeing.


Episode 5 – Fraud

In Episode 5 of Find Financial Wellbeing, Bank of Ireland Financial Wellbeing Coach Linda Coughlan spoke to Paul O’Brien from Bank of Ireland Security about fraud and how to protect yourself.


Episode 4 – Managing your money

James Patrice speaks to our Financial Wellbeing Coach Lucia McCauley about spending triggers, online shopping, the 50:30:20 rule and general financial wellbeing.


Episode 3 – Balancing your wellbeing

In this episode of Find Financial Wellbeing, Fitness Expert Karl Henry speaks to Linda Ryan, Financial Wellbeing Coach, on how it’s important to look after all aspects of our health; physical, mental and financial, and how they are all interlinked.


Episode 2 – Financial wellbeing tips with Frank Conway

In the second episode of Find Financial Wellbeing, Frank Conway, Founder of MoneyWhizz speaks to Aileen Morrissey, Financial Wellbeing Coach on how people can make money visible and what tools can be used to help with financial wellbeing.


Episode 1 – What is financial wellbeing

In Episode 1 of Find Financial Wellbeing, Shane Quinlan, Head of Financial Wellbeing in Bank of Ireland speaks to Ailish Gorman, Financial Wellbeing Coach on what financial wellbeing is, and why does it matter.


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