Using Your Card Abroad

Keep track of your spending

Running out of money (or going over your credit limit) can be a nightmare, especially in a foreign country. To help you keep track of what you’re spending in British pounds you can view your account through your online service or mobile app.

Credit Card Charges

When you use your Bank of Ireland UK credit card abroad to transact in the local currency, the amount will be converted into sterling using the Visa exchange rate. You may also be charged a non-sterling transaction fee. You can find details of any fees you may be charged on your statement.

You can visit the Visa website here, where you will find a calculator where you can compare currency conversion charges for card transactions in Euros and other European currencies.

How to use the Visa Exchange Rate Calculator:

  1. Amount: Enter the amount you are planning to spend in the currency you will be using for the transaction
  2. Bank fee: Enter your non-sterling purchase fee
  3. Date requested: Select the date on which you will be making the transaction
  4. Card currency: Select British Pound (GBP) from the dropdown menu
  5. Transaction currency: Select the currency you will be using for the transaction
  6. Calculate exchange Rate: Press the Calculate exchange rate button to see the exchange rate and Visa charges for the transaction

Will I be charged for withdrawing cash?

You may be charged a cash withdrawal fee if you use your card to withdraw cash, and interest will be charged from the day the withdrawal is made. If you make the withdrawal in a non-British currency, you may also be charged a foreign transaction fee on top. For full details of any fees you may be charged, please check your statement.