Cash and debit card changes

We are making some changes to our cash and Visa Debit cards from 29 June 2019.

  1. We are combining all our cash withdrawal limits using your card into a single daily cash limit of £500
    Your daily limit for withdrawing cash with cash or debit cards will include;

    • Withdrawals from cash machines within and outside the UK
    • Withdrawals from Post Office® counters
    • Cash withdrawals from non-Bank of Ireland branch counters
    • Cashback from retailers (up to £300 daily – debit cards only)

    This means that you will be able to make cash withdrawals up to a total of £500 per day from any of the channels above. Cashback transactions are subject to a maximum daily limit of £300 which is included in the total cash withdrawal amount.

    Cash withdrawals from Bank of Ireland branch counters are not included in the above limit.

    For full details about each transaction type, see our Transaction Information Box.

    Please note: Withdrawal limits are subject to the availability of funds in your account. Cash machine providers and retailers may apply additional limits to transactions.

  2. Replacement card fee removal
    We have reviewed our charges and we will no longer charge a replacement cash or debit card fee
  3. All our debit cards will be contactless
    We will be replacing all Visa Debit contact cards with Visa Debit contactless cards providing a quick and convenient way to pay for goods or services up to £30, without entering your PIN.
    You do not need to do anything as we will automatically replace your card for you either when it is due to be renewed or if you need a replacement card before then. You can continue to use your existing card as usual until you receive your new one.
    If you have a Student (11-19 years) account, we recommend you talk to your parent or guardian about this and let us know if you have any questions.

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