Changes to 365 Digital Banking (online, tablet and mobile banking)

Over the coming months there will be some exciting changes to 365 Digital Banking.

A new 365 app for your mobile and tablet

We’re working on a new app that will replace the 365 mobile and tablet apps available today. The new app will be easier to navigate, have more features, stronger security and will work on both phone and tablet devices.

Changes to 365 online

At a later date we will also be upgrading 365 online desktop banking with stronger security and to improve how it looks, feels and operates.

Implementing the latest security standards

When these changes happen, we’ll ask you for additional security credentials to access Digital Banking. These security credentials are designed to keep your accounts safe and ensure that we comply with the latest regulations.

When using the new app, you will receive messages called notifications to your mobile or tablet requesting you to confirm certain actions; including logging in, authorising payments, or making changes to accounts. We may also send you important service notifications for your account.

Notifications will also be used to confirm certain actions when using 365 online desktop banking.

Until these changes come into effect, 365 Digital Banking can be used as it is today. We will keep you updated with further information closer to the time.

Take action now to get ready for the new app

To get ready for the switch over to our new app, there’s one key step:

Make sure you have registered and activated your mobile phone to receive Security Codes

If your mobile is not registered and activated, you will not be able to access the new banking app when it becomes available.

Here’s how:

  1. Login into 365online and choose “Manage Accounts”
    You will need to enter your User ID and other security information. If you can’t remember your User ID, login to your mobile banking app and choose “More” – your User ID will appear at the top of the screen. If you don’t use mobile banking currently or you aren’t yet registered for 365 please call 03456 006 552.
  2. Go to “Register/ Amend My Mobile Phone Registered for Security Codes” and check that your correct mobile number is registered
    If you need to add or amend your number you will receive a new activation code in the post in 5 -7 days. If your number is already registered, you don’t need to do anything further.
    “Activate my Mobile Phone” if you have already registered and received an activation code by post.
    Input the activation code into this screen and you are now ready to download the new app once it becomes available.

What are these latest security standards and why are they required?

We are making these changes to ensure your accounts remain safe and to comply with a new security standard called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is being implemented by all UK banks.
SCA is designed to make it more difficult for fraudsters to compromise your online banking channels. It means that you may have to enter extra information so we can be sure it’s you when you bank or shop online. This will be based on:

Something only you have – for example, a smartphone

Something only you know – for example, a PIN

Not registered for 365?

For personal customers:

Getting set up on 365 is now easier than ever before.

Step 1: Call us on 03456 006 552.

Step 2: Answer three simple questions relating to you and your account to verify your identity.

Step 3: Set up your PIN. Our agents will tell you how to set up your own unique PIN and will then give you your user ID.

Step 4: You can then activate your account and start banking online straight away!

For business customers:

For business customers in Northern Ireland, only one authorised signatory can be a nominated user for 365 Digital Banking access. If you only have one signatory, your registration will be the same as a personal customer (above). If you have more than one signatory you must nominate a user. Call into your local branch or speak to your account manager for further information.