Responsible Business


Enabling our customers to thrive.

This begins with establishing trust between us. Listening to and understanding what our customers are telling us helps us to see things through their eyes. It means serving customers when and how it matters most; at key moments in their lives. It means supporting them with practical help and expert knowledge and continually checking back that we are meeting their needs.

Investing in Women Code

Bank of Ireland UK is proud to be a founding signatory to the Investing in Women Code. The Investing in Women Code is a commitment to support female entrepreneurship in the UK by improving women’s access to the advice, resources and finance needed to build a business.

Investing in Women Code - logo

As a Signatory to the Code, Bank of Ireland UK will:

  • have a nominated member of the senior leadership team who is responsible for supporting equality in all its interactions with entrepreneurs
  • provide HM Treasury, or a relevant industry body designated by HM Treasury, a commonly agreed set of data concerning: all-female-led businesses; mixed-gender-led businesses and all-male-led businesses. The Bank agrees that HM Treasury will collate this data and publish it on an aggregated and anonymised basis in an annual report
  • adopt internal practices which aim to improve the potential for female entrepreneurs to successfully access the tools, resources, investment and finance they need to build and grow their businesses, working with relevant players in the ecosystem. The Bank will review these actions annually and make this commitment publicly available

Read the case studies below to find out how we’ve supported our customers.

  • 'Rome'

    Our mortgage business offers a broad product range through our partnerships with the Post Office and the AA as well as an extensive number of mortgage intermediaries.

    When Bank of Ireland UK built ‘Rome’, a new platform, to help customers apply for a mortgage, they listened carefully to what customers and brokers wanted and designed a system that delivered benefits to both.

    Using ‘Rome’, all our mortgage applications are now submitted online, whether they are branded Post Office, AA or Bank of Ireland mortgages, and regardless of whether the application comes directly from a customer, a branch, a contact centre or from an intermediary.

    As a result, customers can get an offer ‘subject to approval’ just one day after they apply.

    Amongst many of the recent Awards already received, in March 2018 we won Best Use of IT in Retail Banking and Insurance for the second time in three years at the FS Tech Awards.

  • Vulnerability Champions

    We have appointed Vulnerability Champions, who receive specialist training to enable them to assist vulnerable customers. We have implemented mandatory online training for all colleagues, we have enhanced access and facilities across our retail network in Northern Ireland and we have engaged with strategic partners, service providers and leading UK charities.

    Amy Chapman is one of our 30 Champions in our UK business. She works in mortgage debt management, where she assists customers who have been identified as vulnerable. ‘There are many different types of vulnerability arising from health conditions, life events and accessibility issues,’ she explains.

    ‘Someone can be deemed vulnerable if they have a sight impairment or literacy issues and struggle to understand our communications.’

    Other cases include customers who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or have mental health issues. ‘We also encounter domestic abuse cases, where someone has had to flee the home to live in hostel accommodation,’

    Amy says. ‘The conversations I have with customers tend to be longer and quite emotionally challenging.’ Amy’s role is to assess the impact that their particular vulnerability is having on their ability to pay their mortgage and to work out a strategy with them. Each strategy is flexible and tailored to the needs of the individual customer. As a former counsellor for the UK mental health charity, MIND, she has an ideal background for the role.