International payments

NI/GB customers

  • £15 charge for sending money outside the UK (e.g. AUD$ to Australia)
  • The Payee’s bank may deduct charges from the amount received. These may be substantial and, if in doubt, you should check with the payee's bank before making a transfer.

If you require a copy of an International Payment Advice for any money sent outside the UK, or received from outside the UK, including those which are:

  1. Completed by using an Interpay/Telegraphic Transfer form;
  2. Originated on 365 online, Business On Line, or FX pay; or
  3. For an incoming International Payment from outside the UK.

You should email, supplying

  • Account number,
  • National Sort Code (NSC),
  • Value & Currency of payment,
  • Date of transaction.

The advice will then be issued by post to the address held by us for the account number quoted.

International Payee Countries Available Currency Charge
Local Currency GBP
Australia AUD £15 N/A
Austria GBP N/A £15
Belgium GBP N/A £15
Bulgaria GBP N/A £15
Canada CAD £15 N/A
Croatia HRK/GBP £15 £15
Cyprus GBP N/A £15
Czech Republic CZK/GBP £15 £15
Denmark DKK/GBP £15 £15
Estonia GBP N/A £15
Finland GBP N/A £15
France GBP N/A £15
Germany GBP N/A £15
Greece GBP N/A £15
Hong Kong HKD £15 N/A
Hungary HUF/GBP £15 £15
Iceland GBP N/A £15
India INR £15 N/A
Ireland GBP N/A £151
Italy GBP N/A £15
Latvia GBP N/A £15
Liechtenstein GBP N/A £15
Lithuania GBP N/A £15
Luxembourg GBP N/A £15
Malta GBP N/A £15
Mexico MXN £15 N/A
Netherlands GBP N/A £15
New Zealand NZD £15 N/A
Norway NOK/GBP £15 £15
Philippines PHP £15 N/A
Poland PLN/GBP £15 £15
Portugal GBP N/A £15
Romania RON/GBP £15 £15
Singapore SGD £15 N/A
Slovak Republic GBP N/A £15
Slovenia GBP N/A £15
South Africa ZAR £15 N/A
Spain GBP N/A £15
Sweden SEK/GBP £15 £15
Switzerland CHF/GBP £15 £15
Thailand THB £15 N/A
Turkey TRY £15 N/A
United Arab Emirates AED £15 N/A
United States USD £15 N/A
1 The £15 charge for GBP to Ireland will not apply when the transfer is to a Bank of Ireland account.