International payments

NI/GB customers

  • £15 charge for sending money outside the UK (e.g. AUD$ to Australia)
  • The Payee’s bank may deduct charges from the amount received. These may be substantial and, if in doubt, you should check with the payee's bank before making a transfer.

If you require a copy of an International Payment Advice for any money sent outside the UK, or received from outside the UK, including those which are:

  1. Completed by using an Interpay/Telegraphic Transfer form;
  2. Originated on 365 online, Business On Line, or FX pay; or
  3. For an incoming International Payment from outside the UK.

You should email, supplying

  • Account number,
  • National Sort Code (NSC),
  • Value & Currency of payment,
  • Date of transaction.

The advice will then be issued by post to the address held by us for the account number quoted.

International Payee Countries Available Currency Charge



Australia AUD £15 N/A
Austria GBP N/A £15
Belgium GBP N/A £15
Bulgaria GBP N/A £15
Canada CAD £15 N/A
Croatia HRK/GBP £15 £15
Cyprus GBP N/A £15
Czech Republic CZK/GBP £15 £15
Denmark DKK/GBP £15 £15
Estonia GBP N/A £15
Finland GBP N/A £15
France GBP N/A £15
Germany GBP N/A £15
Greece GBP N/A £15
Hong Kong HKD £15 N/A
Hungary HUF/GBP £15 £15
Iceland GBP N/A £15
India INR £15 N/A
Ireland GBP N/A £15*
Italy GBP N/A £15
Latvia GBP N/A £15
Liechtenstein GBP N/A £15
Lithuania GBP N/A £15
Luxembourg GBP N/A £15
Malta GBP N/A £15
Mexico MXN £15 N/A
Netherlands GBP N/A £15
New Zealand NZD £15 N/A
Norway NOK/GBP £15 £15
Philippines PHP £15 N/A
Poland PLN/GBP £15 £15
Portugal GBP N/A £15
Romania RON/GBP £15 £15
Singapore SGD £15 N/A
Slovak Republic GBP N/A £15
Slovenia GBP N/A £15
South Africa ZAR £15 N/A
Spain GBP N/A £15
Sweden SEK/GBP £15 £15
Switzerland CHF/GBP £15 £15
Thailand THB £15 N/A
Turkey TRY £15 N/A
United Arab Emirates AED £15 N/A
United States USD £15 N/A

*The £15 charge for GBP to Ireland will not apply when the transfer is to a Bank of Ireland account.