Fees and Charges

Fee Free Everyday Banking

Enjoy transaction fee free banking with our Current Account range. With a Bank of Ireland UK current account the following services are FREE of charge, no matter how many times you use them:

  • Lodging and withdrawing cash in branches
  • Making payments online, on the phone and in shops using your debit card in the UK
  • Withdrawing cash free of charge from cash machines (ATMs) in the UK, and all Bank of Ireland cash machines in Ireland¹
  • Setting up standing orders and direct debits for regular payments
  • Paying by cheque²


These may be applied for the provision of additional services or requests. These charges are for extra services you ask us to provide and are usually charged at the time we provide the service. A summary is contained here:

Monthly pack – pre-notification of unarranged overdraft charges

If you have to pay any of overdraft or unarranged overdraft charges, at least 14 days before we take them from your account each month we will send you a pack that will contain the following information,

  • A summary of charges that arose in the previous month, what each charge relates to, the date the charges arose and when we will take the charges from your account.
  • If you have to pay an informal overdraft request fee, we will tell you what payments the charge relates to and whether we agreed or refused to make the payment.
  • A monthly account summary, which shows all the payments to or from your account in the previous month.

Annual summary pack

If you have paid overdraft interest or charges, once a year we will send you a summary of all the charges and interest on your account for the previous 12 months. It will contain:

  • Details of all the charges or interest taken from your account
  • Details of interest or charges (or both) we have refunded to your account.

The summary pack will not include any service charges taken from your account.

* For your security and to improve our service to you, we may record and monitor phone calls for training purposes.
¹ We do not charge for withdrawals at cash machines in the UK, however some providers may. In such circumstances the machine will give you notice that you may be charged
² Restrictions on issuing cheque books apply: not available on Basic Cash Account and Student Account (11-19 years)