Domestic, Financial and Economic Abuse

Anyone can be a victim of abuse. It can happen in relationships, within families and with other trusted people.
Domestic, financial and economic abuse often overlap with one leading to another.
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Domestic Abuse can be described as abusive and/or violent behaviour.
Financial Abuse is where a person is controlling or taking over another person’s finances or money.
Economic Abuse (or control) involves coercive and controlling behaviour. This reduces or removes a person’s access to things such as products and services or the ability to move about freely.
Modern Slavery is where all of a person’s rights to access to any products, services, support or freedom of movement is taken.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • “My partner forced me to take out a loan and put the money in their account”
  • “My daughter takes my card to buy things for herself”
  • “My family make me give them my wages every month. I never get to spend anything on myself”
  • “I was made to give all my money to my partner to support their addiction”
  • “They said no one else would ever visit me and I’d be put in a home if I didn’t give them my card and PIN”
  • “My family sold some of my belongings without me knowing”

These are examples of financial and economic abuse.