Divorce & separation

Divorce and your finances

Going through a separation or divorce can be distressing and we appreciate you may not know where to start. So, to help you take those first steps into looking at your finances, we’ve put together some tips that may make things a little easier.

Getting started

Pull together all documentation and statements for your individual and joint accounts and household spending. For example:

  • Mortgage
  • Utilities (gas, electric, water, rates/council tax and so on)
  • Bank account(s)
  • Loan(s)
  • Investment(s) and savings
  • Insurance (house, contents, motor, pet, phone and so on)
  • Life assurance and health and/or income protection
  • Credit agreements (store card, credit card, hire purchase and so on)
  • Club memberships

You may be asked to provide copies of documents and statements as part of the divorce proceedings.

Make sure you review everything so you have an accurate picture of where you are with your money. Make a list of all your income and outgoings to create a new household budget once the divorce has been finalised.