How we can help

When a family member or someone close to you passes away, it can be an upsetting and difficult time – particularly if you need to sort out their finances. We will do our best to help you with some practical suggestions and useful information.

Getting started

Bereavement Notification

Please contact us to tell us of the bereavement – we are here to offer you our full support. For Bank of Ireland UK accounts, please complete a Bereavement notification form and send this to us at BOI Bereavement Support Unit, PO Box 365, Dublin 18. Alternatively, you can visit your local Bank of Ireland branch.


If you are the next of kin or personal representative of the deceased’s estate, we will need proof of identity from you. This is so that we know who we are writing to and that you are entitled to account details. If you are an existing Bank of Ireland account holder we will only need your account number.

Proof of Death

We will need a certified copy of the Death Certificate/(Interim) Coroner’s Certificate and a certified extract of the will (if it is available) naming the executor(s). We may eventually need either a copy of the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

Certification list

We don’t need you to send us your original documents. Our branch staff can certify copies from an original or you can go to one of the following:

  • Bank or Building Society official
  • FCA registered broker/introducer
  • Justice of the Peace or Commissioner of Oaths/Notary Public
  • Accountant, Solicitor or Barrister
  • Attorney at Law

(You might be charged a fee depending on who you ask to certify your documents)

Funding funeral expenses

See the checklists to find out what we will need from you regarding funeral expenses.