£50 note Bushmills 2013 Series


Design Features

  • Front

    • Colour – Purple
    • Serial Numbers – font gradually increases in size
    • Hologram above vertical serial number and in opposite corner
    • Seated lady Hibernia
    • Six county shields
    • Serial numbers – black horizontal and red vertical
    • Date – 1st January 2013
    • Signature – S Matchett, Chief Financial Officer UK
  • Back

    • Vignette of the distillery


Security Features

  • Feel
    • Paper Quality – Crisp not waxy
    • Raised Print – Bank title, denomination, address and signature
  • Look
    • Watermark – Head of Medusa – right hand side of note beside vertical serial number
    • Security Thread – In area of Bank logo when back lit
    • See Through – Celtic pattern in watermark area
    • Microprinting – ESP on both sides reading Bank of Ireland
    • UV/Fluorescence – Phosphorescent barcode blinks in UV light on the front of note. Phosphorescent Bank of Ireland shows in UV light on back of note.
  • Move/Tilt
    • Hologram – Dual image. Denomination overprint on Bank of Ireland logo. Vertical and right switch images show denomination. Left switch shows Bank of Ireland logo.
    • Security Thread Tilt – Denomination appears in bottom left hand corner