£20 note Bushmills Polymer Series


Design Features

  • Front

    • Colour – Green
    • Serial Numbers – horizontal bottom right, vertical top left
    • Holographic foil strip featuring the Bank of Ireland logo above an image of Mercury surrounded by a flower motif in the background
    • Seated Lady Hibernia
    • Six county shields
    • Date – 2nd October 2017
    • Signature – Francesca McDonagh, Group Chief Executive Officer
  • Back

    • Vignette of the distillery

Security Features

  • Look
    • Clear window on the right that runs vertically when viewed from the front within which you will see the hologram
    • Microprint along the outside edge of the Latin moto surrounding the Lady Hibernia reading ‘BANKOFIRELANDTWENTYPOUNDS20’
    • There is no watermark, however due to the substrate used when the note is held up to the light you should be able to see visible images from the opposite side
    • Broken security thread runs vertically from top to bottom which incorporates the number ‘20’
  • Feel
      Raised print on

    • The Bank of Ireland name and logo
    • The 6 shields and background pattern
    • All writing including signatures
    • The denomination numeral
    • The Bank of Ireland motto
      Tactile feature:

    • There are three arrangements of four dots in square formation in the bottom left corner to enable physical identification of the note for the visually impaired
  • Move/Tilt
    • On the back of the note within the large clear window you will see a Holographic foil strip. Within the strip you will see the Bank of Ireland logo. Below the logo you will also see an image of ‘Mercury’ with a flower motif in the background. If you tilt the note back and forward the images will move and their colours change. The holographic foil is visible from the front and back of the note.