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Our online banking service Business On Line is available to existing Bank of Ireland UK business customers

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Moving Your Money

When it comes to moving money – either into or out of your accounts, we have a range of electronic solutions to meet your requirements.

These solutions will help you save time and money by allowing you to check your bank balance whenever you like, transfer funds between accounts, see if a payment has been received or if a cheque has been cashed. This has the added benefit of enhancing your ability to optimise and manage cashflow.

  • Payment Solutions

    Deciding which payment solution meets your needs

    With Bank of Ireland UK there are many ways you can make and receive payments. Deciding the best way to make a payment can be compared to the simple example of sending a product brochure to a customer. There are a number of options available to you e.g. standard post, express post, registered post, courier, email etc. Most likely, the option you choose will be dependent on your needs at the time and the importance you attach to a particular set of criteria, for instance is it important to get it there quickly? Do you have a particular budget to consider? Is security an issue?

    Let’s look at an example of paying a supplier:

    Payment Options

    What is important to you?

    Yes? No?

    Business Online

    Electronic Funds Transfer

    Direct Debit




    Same Day Money Transfer

    Electronic Funds Transfer




    Same Day Money Transfer

    Electronic Funds Transfer

    Business Online Transfer


    So, there are a range of options to choose from and the good news is that Bank of Ireland UK provides a wide range of payment options to meet all your needs.

  • Benefits To Your Business

    Would your business benefit from Banking On Line? Ask yourself the following questions.

    Do you ring or visit your branch regularly for balance / transactions?

    • Yes? Did you know, you can do this online and save time and money?

    Do you write more than 10 cheques per week?

    • Yes? Did you know, each domestic cheque you write costs your business up to £1.591 – if you were to make the payment online, this costs nothing2.

    Do you want to pay staff/suppliers directly into their bank accounts?

    • Yes? Did you know, you could pay all your salaries online with our batch BACS service saving you time and money?

    Do you want to collect debtor payments electronically?

    • Yes? Did you know, Business On Line can facilitate the collection of debtor payments electronically
    1 £1.59 comprises a transaction fee of £0.95, postage cost (based on UK First Class post) of £0.64.
    2 Please note that this example does not include the monthly subscription charge of £5.00 that applies to Business On Line.
  • Electronic Banking Solutions

    Business On Line3
    If you require 24/7 access to your business account details and typically make regular payments either domestically or internationally then Business On Line is the product for you.

    It allows you to:

    • view balances and transactions
    • make domestic and cross border payments
    • export files to company accounting packages

    BACS (EFT)

    If your business needs to make high volume domestic payments to suppliers and /or staff then our Electronic Fund Transfer products are for you.

    BACS allows you to make regular batched domestic payments to employees and suppliers or the collection of payments from debtors through Direct Pay, Direct Credit and Direct Debit facilities.

    3Standard transaction and electronic banking charges apply to Business On Line. For full details please refer to the Schedule of Charges for Business Customers.