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Approve app


Approve app is the new and improved way to access Business On Line


Approve is a secure mobile authentication app that generates unique one-time codes for logging on and authorising payments and payees on Business On Line.

Approve is easy to use, convenient and secure…

EASY – Once downloaded and registered, the free app allows you to access your accounts with no need to remember passwords or Java updates.

CONVENIENT – Compatible with all major browsers and smart handheld devices. Users can authorise payments from multiple locations as no longer restricted to a specific desktop/laptop.

SECURE – In a world where technology is constantly evolving, security must evolve also and we are committed to providing you with best-in-class when it comes to your safety online.

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  • What you need to get ready for Approve

    STEP 1: Download Approve
    Each Administrator and User on your Business On Line profile will need a smart device to download the Approve app.

    STEP 2: Log in to Business On Line
    Each Administrator will need their initial password (sent to them in the post) in order to complete the initial set up of Approve. Note: Where there are two Administrators, both need to be present.

    STEP 3: Activate Users
    Administrators need to set up and activate each User profile on their Business On Line dashboard. Users will need to be present for this step.

    STEP 4: Download HashTab
    This step only applies to who submit bulk payment files using Business On Line. Find out more and download HashTab here.

    Then your Business On Line profile is ready for Approve!

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