Getting information about my mortgage

If you’d like more information about your mortgage, such as additional statements or interest certificates, then you’ve come to the right place. You can even request information about your deeds or view our latest mortgage charges leaflet - all in a way that suits you.

Request mortgage information

There may be times where you require additional information about your mortgage such as:

Annual mortgage statement - Link layer

Annual mortgage statement

Your annual mortgage statement shows you:

  • Your mortgage balance
  • Any sub accounts you may have
  • The interest you’ve been paying.
Certificate of interest statement - Link layer

Certificate of interest statement

This is a summary of the total amount of interest that is credited or debited to your mortgage account.
Payment history statement - Link layer

Payment history statement

This is a record of all the payments you’ve made to your mortgage account over a certain period of time. It will show your normal monthly payments and any arrears balance. It doesn’t include any part redemption or overpayments.

How do I request this information?

1. Login or register for your hub

Your hub is the quickest and easiest way to request information about your mortgage. Simply use the ‘Tools’ facility to request information such as your duplicate annual mortgage statement, certificate of interest or payment history. Once we’ve received your request, we aim to send you the information you requested within 5 working days.

Your hub can also provide you with lots of other useful information such as:

  • Your current mortgage balance
  • Monthly payment amount
  • Information about your current promotional period.

If you need any other information, just send us a secure message on your hub and we’ll do all we can to help.

2. Complete our online form

Complete our online form and once we’ve received your request we’ll aim to send you the information within 5 working days.

Your deeds

Use your hub to see whether we have the deeds to your property, otherwise ask us online*.

You can request your original deeds at any time if we have them. However, you must appoint a solicitor to ask for them on your behalf. The firm must be on our approved panel – get in touch to check.


* We aim to deal with any requests within five working days.

There are times when you may need a redemption statement to find out how much you have outstanding on your mortgage. To request this, simply complete the form online and we’ll aim to send it to you within 5 working days.

General information

You can also visit our glossary for an explanation of words and phrases used.