Getting information about your mortgage

If you need details about your mortgage, this section explains what information is available and how you can get it.

There are three main types of statement you can get showing payments on your account.

Annual mortgage statement

This statement shows you:

  • The amount outstanding on your mortgage
  • The type of mortgage you have
  • How long you have until your mortgage is paid off
  • How much interest you’ve paid.

Certificate of interest statement

This is an annual summary of the amount of interest that’s been charged to your mortgage account.

Payment history statement

This is a record of all the payments you’ve made to your mortgage account over a certain period of time. It shows the monthly payments you’ve made and any that are overdue. It doesn’t show any additional payments paid to your account.

How to get details about your mortgage

1. Login or register for your hub

Your hub is the quickest and easiest way to find and request information about your mortgage.

From your hub, you’ll see:

  • The amount you have outstanding on your mortgage
  • How much your monthly payment is
  • Your current interest rate and when you can apply to change it
  • How much your property is worth.

You can use the ‘Tools’ button to ask us for documents such as a duplicate annual mortgage statement, certificate of interest or payment history. We aim to deal with any requests within five working days.

If you need any other information, just send us a secure message on your hub and we’ll do all we can to help.

2. Send to us a request

Complete our online form. We aim to deal with any requests within five working days.

Finding your deeds

You can see if we have the deeds to your property using your hub or by completing our online form. We aim to reply within five working days.

Requesting your deeds

If we have your original deeds, you must instruct a solicitor to ask for them on your behalf. Their firm must be on our approved list. Get in touch to find out.

There are times when you may need a redemption statement to find out how much it will cost to pay off your mortgage. To request this, simply register or log in to your hub and click on ‘Tools’ or complete our online form. We aim to deal with any requests within five working days.

General information

Visit our page of words and phrases used when talking about mortgages to see what they mean.