Pay off mortgage & close account

Whether your mortgage is coming to an end or you just want to pay it off early, we're here to make things simple.

Pay off mortgage & close account

We’ll write to you when your mortgage is due to finish. We’ll tell you how much you need to pay to close your account(s), including any fees due.

You can pay off your mortgage in full at any time. Please ask us for a redemption statement so you know how much to pay to close your account(s) (including any early repayment charge or fees due). Please request your statement:

It’s worth thinking about your wider finances before paying off your mortgage early. Please speak with an independent financial adviser (IFA) if you need financial advice.

You can make your final payment through your hub or below.If your payment is over £12,000, please make your payment by bank transfer. We’ll cancel your direct debit when we have your payment. This can take up to 5 working days.

Make a payment

Reasons to redeem terminology explained

A redemption statement details how much it will cost to pay off the mortgage on a certain date. You’ll need to confirm the reason that you want to redeem. Here are your options:

‘Own Funds’
Same property – Repaying my mortgage in full from my own funds

‘Sale of Property’
Moving home – Repaying mortgage in full (including moving to a new lender)

‘Remortgage to other Lender’
Same property – Remortgaging to another lender

‘Full term redemption’
Same property – Redeeming my mortgage at the end of its term

Same property – Re-arranging my mortgage to a new Bank of Ireland mortgage

‘New Property / Same Lender’
Moving home – Taking out a new Bank of Ireland mortgage

Moving home – Porting my Bank of Ireland mortgage to a new property

‘Policy Maturity’
Same property – Redeeming my mortgage with funds from an endowment or insurance policy

‘Capital Reduction’
Same property – Make a part redemption (payment) on my mortgage

Your title deeds are official documents about your property.

If we hold your deeds, we’ll return them once your mortgage is paid off. We’ll send them to:

  • Your solicitor, if you’re using one to deal with your redemption
  • You, if you’re not using a solicitor. We’ll send you a form to sign before returning them.

You can see whether we hold your deeds in your hub.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage