Grow Your Business

At Bank of Ireland UK we believe that only by truly understanding the market you operate in and the nature of your business, can we really make a difference to your company's finances.


Success in business requires constant innovation and a determination to look for ways to continually improve. Bank of Ireland UK can help you in both these areas. Whatever your stage of development, we can help you review your financial arrangements and ensure that they are keeping pace with the growth of your business.

Our experienced teams will help look after your day-to-day banking needs, whether that’s setting up a current account or getting your foreign exchange sorted. We can also help with more specialist advice and money management for Management Buy Outs, acquisitions and re-financings.

Our cashflow management solutions can help ensure that your business runs smoothly. We can provide a choice of financial solutions such as overdrafts and loans, invoice finance or a Commercial Card.

Our Asset Finance solutions can help you to finance a wide range of business assets- such as IT equipment machinery or vehicles- with deals tailored to fit your individual business requirements, whether you are a first time or regular user.

Deposit options can offer flexibility and accessibility, coupled with attractive interest rates and complete security. As your business grows, you may find that you have surplus cash and a deposit account gives you a place to hold funds in the short term. You will get a competitive return and your lump sum will be available when you need it.