Commercial Card

If your business is spending a lot of time each month reconciling and allocating business expenditure, maybe it's time for you to consider what a Bank of Ireland UK Commercial Card could do for you.

Benefits to your business

  • A single payment in full each month protects you from any potential interest charges and can save you money because of fewer transaction charges
  • Ease of payment by direct debit
  • Provides extensive comprehensive travel insurance for you and your staff, and even covers up to three travelling companions*
    Important Travel Insurance will no longer be available from 10 April 2023. If you start a trip before 9 April 2023 you will be covered under the policy from the start of the travel period up to midnight on the 9 April 2023. You won’t be covered under the policy for any incidents that occur from 10 April 2023.
  • Liability Waiver Insurance which gives you automatic protection against unauthorised cardholder transactions*
  • Individual credit limits can be set per card to allow for the varying needs of your staff
  • An unlimited number of cards may be issued per account
  • Saves your business time in reimbursing staff

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