Pay quickly and easily online whenever it suits you through your hub.

Pay for:

You’ll need:

  • Your mortgage account number (from your hub or annual mortgage statement)
  • The postcode of the mortgaged property
  • Your debit/credit card.

Online Payments are limited to £12,000. To pay more than this, please have a look at our other payment options.

Make a payment

Payments made after 6pm on the last day of your interest period won’t be applied to your account until the end of the next interest period. Your interest period will end on the last day of the month or the financial year ending March 31st, depending on whether your interest is charged monthly or annually. You can find out how your interest is calculated from your latest mortgage Offer.

When making a payment, please use your mortgage account number as your reference. Please allow up to 5 working days for the payment to show on your account.

By BACS, online or Standing Order By CHAPS or SWIFT

For mortgage accounts starting with 82:

  • Sort code 56-00-05
  • Account number 21153876

For mortgage accounts starting with 82:

  • Sort code 56-00-05
  • Account number 21153884

For all other mortgage account numbers:

  • Sort code 57-11-84
  • Account number 53731530

For all other mortgage account numbers:

  • Sort code 56-00-05
  • Account number 41734556

If you’re making a payment from abroad and require an IBAN, get in touch.

Check whether your mortgage allows overpayments in your hub. When making an overpayment, we automatically reduce your monthly payment, but you can apply to reduce your term instead.

Reducing your mortgage term
If you want to overpay and reduce the length of your mortgage, the balance of your overpayment(s) must be at least £500 and enough to reduce your term by at least one month.

Payments up to £12,000


Payments over £12,000


Reducing your monthly payments
There’s no minimum amount for individual payments, but we’ll only recalculate your monthly payments once the balance of your overpayments reaches £500. You can tell us how much to apply to each loan if your mortgage has more than one account (for example if you’ve borrowed more).

If your mortgage is made up of more than one account, then different overpayment options may apply to each. You can find details of the overpayments available on each account through your hub.

If the balance of your overpayments is less than £500, we’ll credit the payments to your mortgage. This will reduce the interest charged from the next interest period, but won’t reduce your normal monthly payment.

See how making an overpayment changes your term or monthly payments.


Things to consider
If you’re within your promotional period you’ll incur an Early Repayment Charge (ERC) on each payment if:

  • You ask us to apply payments less than £500 to your mortgage account. Details of the ERCs that apply to you can be found in your latest mortgage Offer.
  • You pay more than your maximum allowance in any year. You can find your allowance in your hub.

If your promotional period has finished there are no limits to the amount you can overpay. However, if your overpayment balance is below £500, you’ll need to tell us you want to apply it to your account.

Once your overpayment has been made and processed we will then write to you to confirm.

Set up or update a Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is an easy way to pay your mortgage.

  • Save time – no need to log on or call us
  • Hassle free – payments are taken automatically
  • You’re protected – thanks to the Direct Debit guarantee.

To set up a new Direct Debit or update your existing bank details, complete and return the right Direct Debit form:

If you want a form sent to you:

Change your payment date

You may find changing the date we collect your payment will help you to control your finances better e.g. pay your mortgage when you get paid. You can change the date in your hub or get in touch.

We aim to update your account within 5 working days. We’ll write to tell you when the change will take effect.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage