When it comes to mortgages, there can be lots to think about. That’s why we’ve pulled together a list of our most frequently asked questions, to help you stay on top of things.




Borrowing more


Getting a new mortgage deal

  • What happens when my promotional rate comes to an end?

    We’ll send you a letter before your promotional deal ends explaining what your options are. If you do nothing, you’ll go onto a variable rate. This means the rate could go up or down at any time and so will your monthly payments. The letter will confirm what your new rate and regular monthly payment will be and when the change will happen.

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  • How do I apply for a new mortgage deal?

    Once you’re within four months of your promotional deal ending, visit your customer hub to see if you’re eligible to switch. You’ll be able to view all the rates that you can choose from in one place.

    If you’re unsure which options are best for you, give us a call and take advantage of our free mortgage advice service. However, if you’re happy to proceed without advice, select a new rate and submit your request online.

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  • Will my home need to be revalued?

    In most cases, we won’t need to revalue your property when you switch your mortgage deal. However you can pay to have your home revalued if you think the estimated valuation we give is too low and affects the rate you can have. Please get in touch if you want to discuss this.

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  • Will solicitors need to be involved?

    Most of the time there’s no need for solicitors to be involved.

    If one is needed, we’ll use a solicitor from our nominated panel. Normally there’s no charge for this.

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  • When I switch my deal, can I make other changes at the same time?

    Yes. It’s certainly possible to make other changes at the same time as switching your deal, as long as this meets our current lending criteria.

    For example, you could convert part or all of your interest only mortgage to repayment, change the mortgage term, or borrow more money.

    If you’re applying through your hub, you can request a reduction in mortgage term up to a certain limit. To reduce your term further or make any other changes, you’ll need to get in touch. It’s worth noting that this would include an affordability assessment and you may have to pay to have your home revalued if you want to borrow more.

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  • When I switch my deal, can I also pay a lump sum off my mortgage at the same time?

    Yes you can, however you’ll need to get in touch so we can discuss further.

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  • I've applied for a new deal, but have also received an interest rate change letter. What should I do?

    If you've received an interest rate change letter, but you've already applied for a new deal, please call us on 0345 300 8000*. It could be we haven’t received your documents.

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Transferring your current mortgage rate when moving home