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Whether you’re looking for your new car, making home improvements, planning a fabulous wedding or just tidying up your finances, a loan from Bank of Ireland UK could help make your dreams come true.

Help and guidance

We want to make sure that managing your finances is as straight-forward as possible. That’s why we have written some guides to help you both every day or when things aren’t going quite as you’d planned.

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Are you worried about being pressured into taking out a loan, due either to fraud or financial abuse?

Fraud scams can include you being asked to take out loans for investment opportunities or on behalf of someone else.

UK Finance and Government advice on how to protect yourself from fraud is available on the Take Five website.

Or if you’re being coerced or manipulated to take out a loan or any other form of abuse, you can get impartial advice from the Money Advice Service.

Remember, only apply for a loan for your own use. You’re liable for any loan taken out in your name, even if you transfer the money to another person.