Additional help or support

We want to make sure you can make a payment protection insurance (PPI) complaint easily, and that we give you a fair outcome, whatever your needs or circumstances. Please let us know if there’s something you need us to do or know about to make the process easier for you.


Examples of the types of things you might want to tell us about include:

  1. Needing us to write to you in a different format (such as large print, Braille, audio or email) or get in touch with you through a specific channel (e.g. in writing only)
  2. Any other support that you might need to help with your enquiry or complaint (e.g. only contacting you at specific times or through a third party)

You can let us know if you have any suggestions when you complete the enquiry or complaint form, or by giving us a call.


Please read our accessibility page to find out more about our accessibility services including how to use and navigate our website

Special category data

Some of the information you give us might be sensitive (for example, if it’s about health-related matters). We call this ‘special category data’.

Unless you tell us otherwise, we’ll assume you’re happy for us to make a note of this so that we can use it to help us with your enquiry or complaint. Find out more about how Bank of Ireland uses your information via our Privacy Policy.