Your Business and Brexit

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We are here to support our customers flex, adapt and thrive and are focused on partnering with them to help prepare for and navigate Brexit – whatever the outcome and wherever they do business on the island of Ireland.

Our team are talking to customers on a daily basis and we know that some businesses need further support such as stocking facilities, foreign currency management and working capital in the lead up to Brexit. Our recently launched All-Island Brexit Fund is a £1.75bn/€2bn fund to support SMEs with full, demand-led, access for Northern Ireland business and supports cross-border and other international trade.

We encourage businesses to engage with our local teams across Northern Ireland, to come and talk to us and work together in understanding their business and the funding supports and options available to support their business through this period of uncertainty.

  • Commercial finance
    Our local team has specialist experience helping businesses manage and improve their cash flow. They will work with you to deliver structured working capital solutions to support and grow your business with confidence in these uncertain times, including:

      • Multi-currency confidential invoice discounting facilities, unlocking cash tied up in trade debtors and assisting cash flow and currency management. Customers can avail of up to 85% of the invoice value on the day of sale via a simple online request.
      • Full service facilities with up to 85% of the invoice value on the day of sale, with sales ledger management and contacting your customers for prompt payment on your behalf.
      • Multi-currency and standalone supply chain facilities, Stockline, to enhance your global buying power and cash flow, as we pay selected suppliers’ invoices whilst you repay us up to 180 days later.

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  • Asset finance
    Our leasing and hire purchase offerings help customers to invest in plant, machinery and vehicles to assist with the growth of their business.

    Finance is available and payment terms are fixed giving customers certainty when budgeting. Whether it is commercial vehicles, cars, production machinery or construction equipment, asset finance has a range of options to assist you in making the right decision at the right time helping and to preserve other credit lines for working capital purposes.

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  • Business lending advisers
    Request a meeting with one of our local advisers by filling out your details via the button below:

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    If you don’t have a relationship, you can request a meeting here with one of the local team who can call out to your place of work to meet.